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Satisfactio is a digital tool for hotels and restaurants which allows the brand to obtain guest feedback related to the quality of products and services, providing a great platform to review and manage all the information received. From this platform you will be able to evaluate, analyze, and compare data in a simple and flexible way.

These are some of its features:


Survey exists in a variety of languages


Allows for an unlimited number of questions and answers


Assigns questions by segment

Visual and intuitive

Analyzes reports in a very simple way


Configurable notifications


Available for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux


Shows location of guest completing survey


Can capture information even when not connected to the internet


More than 3 million surveys completed

60 +


72 thousand

Monthly surveys

More than 3 million

Surveys competed

300 +

Survey points

How it works


Using this tool on any mobile device, allows you to evaluate offered services in a simple way. Because of the friendliness of the tool’s design, your guests feel comfortable and open when completing the survey.


Through the dashboard, you will be able to easily identify all areas of opportunity and turn them into strengths due to the simplicity and veracity of the analytics.

Start using it now!

Satisfactio is a friendly and easy to use platform. Start right now:

  1. We complete the installation and setup, and we’ll coach you on how to use it.
  2. Easily select the questions to create your guest satisfaction survey.
  3. Invite your guests to use it from anywhere.
  4. Review results immediately and compare your locations in real-time

Hotel Comparative benchmark

With Satisfactio you can compare all your locations independently or nested into one large view, in real-time.

  • Provides nested in-depth analytics
  • Compares responses to a question from different locations
  • Evaluate management teams separately
  • KPI-specific decision making


  • Receive feedback on your services in real-time and immediately solve problems. Don’t wait for social media comments, evaluation panels etc..
  • Response rates are high and answers are more “real” since survey is completed on-site, at the moment of having the experience.
  • Manage all your guest data from one platform. You will be able to edit, analyze, and measure results in a very flexible and simple way.

Start Using Satisfactio!

Starting at USD $59 per month



Manage your guest complaints and avoid negative comments on social media

Manage your guest complaints and avoid negative comments on social media

Uno de los factores esenciales para evitar una mala calificación, un comentario negativo o una crítica en redes sociales de nuestros huéspedes sobre su estancia en el hotel, es el correcto manejo de quejas.

Guest Satisfaction as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Guest Satisfaction as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

The insights provided by Satisfactio allow owners, directors or managers to emphasize economic or operational efforts into improving guest experience, increasing return rates and decrease guest complains

We have many years of experience with hotels and restaurants from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Curaçao, Saint Thomas, Costa Rica, Panama and Jamaica.


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